New-trition by Carla with Energy Concepts
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New-trition by Carla with Energy Concepts
is a unique
Holistic Natural Health Building
Educational Program
designed to teach you how to take
Personal Responsibility for Personal Health!


Do You Want to Live Well?  Perform Well?

New-trition by Carla with Energy Concepts has a VERY DIFFERENT MESSAGE!  But it is not really 'new' at all!  Sadly, health trends, sports nutrition and even medical literature only have very small pieces of the truth.  They do not follow proven science; rather they follow theories, flawed ideologies -  and you are the experiment! 

Whether you are seeking optimal health for daily living or optimal sports performance, it is very important to follow unbiased, accurate science NOT polluted by special interests or financial or political gain. 

Don't be part of this 'national experiment' believing the myths and eating the foods that are destroying your health or endurance! The latest health food trends, supplements and/or nutritional myths may be sabotaging your health and fitness rather than helping.

If you are open to learning the TRUTH about how the human body creates health and energy at the cell level through the biochemistry of CORRECT NUTRITION, then we can teach you!bball.jpg


New-trition by Carla offers monthly classes as described on this website. Private consultations or group presentations are also available!

Are you wanting to know how to prevent or overcome chronic disease?

Are you desiring optimal health from a holistic perspective and a better level of functional fitness?

Are you wanting to improve your performance and endurance in the game?

If so, please email Carla with any questions or to set up an Introductory Consultation! 

Let the journey begin! 

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